The ESS team has grown to be one of the leading Buy Houses in Angola.


We differentiate ourselves by:

  • Operating 100% transparently with our clients. We share our costs and margins to give our clients confidence that they are getting the best prices in the market

  • Providing clients with credit lines and flexible payment terms

  • Providing a guaranteed 24hr response window

  • Having a global footprint, while being a local company

  • Offering sourcing from around the world, while accepting payments in local currency


Schlumberger Buy House - Over $10M+ in transactions

Schlumberger Operations Base - ESS provided a turn key solution to move SLB out of their SONILS base; sourcing, financing, building & relocating to a customized base 2.1 x the former size, while simultaneously dropping SLB’s base overhead by more than 40%.

BP Housing – ESS managed 14 different suppliers to complete a housing project of 50 residences for BP expatriates. ESS delivered the project 23 days ahead of schedule and came in 40% cheaper than all other bidders, while saving BP over $1M USD on the project.

GE Swagelok Purchase – Value $1M USD

•  Registered Buy House for:  Chevron, Baker Hughes, Transfuel, Cameroon, GE, SLB, Repsol, BP, MI-Swaco, FMC, Aker Solutions, Saipem, Haliburton, Coca Cola, Trafigura, Conoco Philips